October Gardening Tips:

Perennials, Shrubs and Trees: Add perennials, shrubs and trees to your garden this month.  The cooler weather is less stressful to these plants, and signals plants to put energy into developing their root systems rather than foliage. A good beginning to their life in your garden.  Fertilize your trees and shrubs. In our area, you can fertilize until  mid-December.

Now is the time to purchase and plant spring blooming bulbs!

Houseplants: Bring houseplants indoors from their summer vacation.  Prepare your plants for their return to dimmer inside light by slowly moving them to a shadier spot before bringing them in.  Spray with soapy water or Safer’s Insecticidal Soap once a week before you bring them in to keep insects outdoors!

Lawns: Aerate and remove thatch; over-seed your lawns; if you only fertilize your lawn once a year do it now!  Keep mowing while the lawn is actively growing.  Water once a week for an hour.  Remove fallen leaves–leaves will block needed sunlight from your lawn and may harbor fungus.