January is typically the month to sit by a fire and dream and plan for next year’s garden. 

There are still garden chores to be accomplished if the weather permits:

1.Snow and ice: 

  • Trees/shrubs: gently brush heavy snow from trees and shrubs but allow ice to melt naturally. Prune limbs damaged by ice and snow immediately to prevent tearing the bark. 
  • Lawns/garden beds:  Foot traffic on frozen lawns can injure turf grass, so be sure to walk on sidewalks and paths. Use sand, bird seed or sawdust for traction if paths are icy (avoiding salt or deicers which may injure plants.)

2. Spring cleaning: even in winter. 

  • Spruce up the garden shed and re-organize your gardening tools.
  • Clear late-fallen leaves from garden beds 
  • Get a head-start and remove weeds from your bed while its still warm enough.

3. Bulbs: Get the bulbs planted now, if you haven’t already—the ground is still tillable!

4. Containers: 

  • Turn over unused containers to prevent them from collecting water that could freeze and crack the container.
  • Continue to water container plans every other week, especially if it hasn’t rained/snowed.