Urban Gardens :

P.Mars Wright Garden Main facade at Xmas

Gardening in urban areas is complicated by the fact that front gardens typically comprise a sidewalk landscaped with containers or narrow garden beds.

The majority of green-space and outdoor living space is developed in side or rear planting areas.  The landscape design should enhance views from the interior of the home, as well as serve as an oasis for the homeowner.

Click here for examples of Urban Gardens designed and maintained by The Well Tended Garden.


Suburban Gardens: 


Suburban gardens provide more opportunity to reflect the public aspect of the home:  the front garden must be designed to enhance the architectural elements of the home, and relate to the streetscape.

Views from the interior as as important as those from the streetscape. Backyard green-space can provide privacy and serve as an extension of living space.

Click here for examples of Suburban gardens designed and maintained by the Well Tended Garden.


Container Gardens:  

container-gardens-l Begonias, thyme and mint (2)  sedges, kale and heucheraContainer gardens can be used to bring color and texture to hardscape areas and to provide a focal point in any garden bed.

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